All In! Tapping with Dr. Erin Shannon

erin shannon quote from the Tapping SummitDo you constantly multi-task, never concentrating completely on the primary task at hand? That makes us more productive, right?

According to Dr. Erin Shannon, success comes not from multi-tasking every chance we get, but from exactly the opposite.

Success comes from being completely in the zone and focusing only on the moment. I recently listened Jessica Ortner’s interview with Dr. Shannon for the 6th Annual Tapping World Summit. Her story is fascinating.

Because of a life-changing personal experience, Dr. Erin Shannon transitioned from a traditional western medical approach to psychology to an energy psychology approach. The first energy modality she used with her patients was Tapping.

Tapping worked every single time she used it with a patient. Yes, even though nothing works every time, tapping worked: every. single. time.

The rapid relief that Tapping provided to her patients led Dr. Shannon to explore more energy techniques in her practice, including body work and energy medicine. Tapping is now a standard technique that she uses with her patients.

When Dr. Shannon opened her private practice in St. Louis (which she describes as the biggest small town in the world), a professional baseball player sought her help dealing with pain.

Because this athlete experienced remarkable results using Tapping, the word spread quickly to his teammates and they all started tapping. As a result of the team’s incredible performance that season, other athletes began to seek Dr. Shannon’s help to achieve peak performance.

Dr. Shannon now works with major league baseball players, hockey players, football players, college athletes, and Olympic athletes. She even works with some ‘regular’ people in her practice. 🙂

In this interview, Dr. Shannon explains in detail how tapping on meridian points can work to improve athletic performance. In a nutshell, everything is energy and athletic performance is massively influenced by the mind-body-spirit energetic connection.

I loved her explanation of what it means to be in the zone, so I will quote it here:

“Sports is just a microcosm of our whole lives. Being in the zone is not something you should just strive to do on the field. The more you can be in the zone in your life, at your job, in your relationships with your children, while you’re driving … The more you can be in the zone, the happier you will be, the healthier you will be, and the more effective you will be in all areas of your life. Why? Because being in the zone is just the athletic vernacular for being fully present. You cannot be in the zone in the past and you cannot be in the zone in the future. The zone is this moment. It is your full body, mind and spirit in this moment. …  When you can be fully present in the moment with all of your energy and all of your focus and all of your body and all of your heart and soul – in the moment – you can’t help but be successful. You can’t help but be powerful. That is the full body awareness that is the hallmark of happiness, of peace, of abundance. That’s where we need to be in every minute possible and my athletes that are in the zone – the more time they spend in the zone – the more effective, the healthier, the happier and the more successful they are in their career, in their family life, in their life altogether.” — Dr. Erin Shannon

Some key words or phrases that can help a person get in the zone are:

  • awareness
  • clarity
  • clear
  • quiet
  • here
  • presence
  • power
  • All In

The phrase “all in” means that you can’t have anything else in the way. The only thing that exists is this moment. You are all in.

“If you can live your life all in, you’ll find that many of the problems (many of the health concerns and issues and stresses and symptoms) will fall away. ‘Cause that’s how we’re intended to be. We’re intended to be all in.” — Dr. Erin Shannon

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