Jessica Ortner: 2015 Tapping World Summit

Jessica Ortner tapping

Jessica Ortner demonstrates Tapping

Wow! Jessica Ortner shared some really fantastic information today in the 2015 Tapping World Summit.

The title of her interview was “Achieving weight loss and body confidence: Clearing the 8 blocks that keep you sabotaging your weight loss goals”.

But don’t let the title fool you. What Jessica shared applies to much more than just weight loss.

Her “It’s safe to shine” tapping sequence specifically addresses ours fears and self-sabotage related to our body size. But it could be easily adapted to address additional barriers in our lives that make us afraid to succeed.

This recording is available online for free through 8 PM ET today.

If you haven’t heard the recording yet, you can register for the 2015 Tapping World Summit HERE.

A few gems from Jessica’s presentation:

Weight loss is a journey, it’s not a final destination.


What we need to strive for is not perfection, but adaptability.

My personal favorite is Jessica’s affirmation at the end.

You are older than you’ve ever been before,and younger than you’ll ever be again.
Life is happening right now,
so imagine the horror of being so consumed with perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forget to live this fun, juicy exciting life.


Because the more powerful we feel and the more joy we experience right now, the easier it is to create a beautiful life and to live that life inside a strong vibrant body.
You can feel good in your body right now and you can lose weight.
My hope is that you use tapping daily so that you can clear the fog and find your own way.

I omitted a significant portion of that last quote because I want you to hear it directly from Jessica.

Register HERE for the 2015 Tapping World Summit. It is a free online event going on Right Now.

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