Missed opportunities…

to the mom I met at the store yesterdayYesterday was a really full day for me. I had planned to spend several hours running errands, but I got a late start because of a very relevant hot topic on Facebook. FDA Compliance…

Finally, my son and I headed out the door at approximately 8:50 a.m.

The first stops were made in the small town 10 minutes from home:

  • gas station
  • coffee shop – find out about conference room availability
  • stop at a local business to leave boxes of ‘too small’ clothing for some friends (my children have outgrown them, but I hope my friends can use some of the items)
  • credit union

Another 10 minutes north of town:

  • Dented Can – purchase a large block of raw milk cheddar cheese
  • Calico Point fabric store – pick up sewing machine that had been cleaned

The next stops were farther away. The Costco nearest to us is 33 miles away, so any time we need to make a Costco run, we make several other stops in Mishawaka on the same trip.

  • DC Meats: I talked with my upline about upcoming events and about the new compliance guidance from our essential oil company for reps with websites and blogs. We bought delicious bacon/cheddar brats there, too.
  • running later than planned, so next stop Jimmy John’s for unwiches
  • Costco – stock up for 2 weeks for a family of 9
  • Sam’s Club – stock up for 2 weeks for a family of 9
  • Meijer – miscellaneous groceries
  • Martin’s grocery story – organic items not carried at Meijer’s
  • Blueberry Ranch for local, organic, frozen blueberries (yum!)

After all these stops, we arrived home at about 4 p.m. Then with help from other family members, we unloaded the van and put everything away.

So, where was the missed opportunity? At Sam’s Club.

Usually, at Sam’s Club, we use the self-service check-out and get out quickly. Yesterday, though, we had too many items so we had to wait in a cashier’s line to pay.

Missed opportunity? Spending just a few more minutes with a sweet mom of four [very well-behaved, young] children who was in the line next to me. We talked a bit, and I told her that time flies too quickly and that before she knew it they would be grown. But I left too much unsaid. My brain was more focused on my to-do list than noticing how I could lend a hand.

So, for the lovely mom of four in the Mishawaka Sam’s yesterday, this is how I would change our encounter if I had the chance. I am so sorry that in my busy-ness, I didn’t take time to be more helpful.

  1. I should have said, “Your children are delightful and very well-behaved. You are doing a great job!” Because it’s true and every mom needs to hear these words from other moms.
  2. While I was waiting, I could have helped you move items from your cart to the check-out conveyor. You had a baby on your hip and I was just waiting. I am sorry that I did not lend you a hand.
  3. I could have handed you my business card, so that if you had questions about raising a large family, you could have contacted me by phone or email.

I am an introvert learning to get out of my shell. I’m learning that tunnel vision causes missed opportunities.

The next time I meet a mom like this, I will be better prepared.

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