Heroes: George Bryant

George Bryant story linkI have been following George’s recipes on Pinterest for several months, but I didn’t know anything about the creative genius behind the Paleo food blog, “Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations.”

I recently heard his story when he was interviewed by Dr. Josh Axe on the Natural Cures Movement online summit, so I went to his blog to learn more about this remarkable man. George started out knowing very little about cooking and has trained himself to create award-winning recipes. He claims that the crockpot is the best tool in the kitchen and I tend to agree with him. (The food processor comes in a very close second in my large household.)

George struggled for years with some serious health challenges. But instead of giving up, he took responsibility for his health and now passionately inspires others to do the same.

I admire George because of the courage it took to tell his whole story, his positive attitude, his enthusiastic approach towards creating delicious food, and his desire to encourage others to celebrate life.

The recipes are organized extremely well on the Civilized Caveman Cooking blog, so it’s easy to find exactly what you are looking for. I love that his recipe index shows a photo of the recipe.Adaptation of Civlized Caveman recipe: chocolate bacon bites

I just ordered his newest cookbook, so I hope to review it in a future blog post.

As I was typing this post, my daughter was baking an adaptation of his Chocolate Bacon Bites. She made substitutions for several missing ingredients, but they turned out pretty well. The texture was perfect!

If you missed the Natural Cures Movement online summit, you can purchase it HERE.

George Bryant quote focusThe entire quote from George was this: “Now what I really focus on is living a life that comes from a place of love versus insecurity and developing a positive mindset and always putting empowering interpretations on any situations that come in life.” –George Bryant

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