Day 7 Highlights from the Natural Cures Movement online summit

Day 7 BannerThe experts interviewed on Day 7 are Cynthia Pasquella, Dr. Alisa Vitti, Dr. Rom O’Bryan, and Dr. Amy Myers. These sessions will be available for free starting at 10 a.m. ET today.

Cynthia Pasquella talked about her top 7 superfood recommendations. If you are wondering how to incorporate some things like chia seeds, spirulina,  or coconut into your diet, Cynthia has some mouthwatering ideas. Chia seed pudding. Almonds: What a Joy! candy bar. Raw honey for first aid. You should listen to this interview to get the remaining three foods on her list. But watch out. Her enthusiasm is contagious.Alisa vitti caffeine quote

Dr. Alisa Vitti revealed that infertility affects 40 – 100 million people in the United States (both men and women). Some common causes for infertility are toxin exposure and micronutrient deficiency. Dr. Vitti explains that many toxins which act as hormone disrupters can be found in unlikely places: chemicals from dry cleaning, pesticide residue in our food supply, chemicals used on the golf course, and personal care products. She has many suggestions for how someone can achieve hormone balance. Listen to the interview to find out which foods she considers to be the worst offenders.

Dr. Amy Myers considers five factors in her approach to curing autoimmune disease: diet, leaky gut, toxins, infections, and stress. In this interview, she goes into great detail explaining why these factors are important and how to address them naturally. While she recognizes that we all have personal preferences on what reduces stress, deep breathing is something that works well for everyone. “It is physiologically impossible to be stressed if you stop and take deep breaths.”

tom obryan what you do quoteIn this interview, Dr. Tom O’Bryan provides an excellent explanation of how our immune system responds to gluten. For some people – not all – gluten sensitivity will be a problem for their entire lives. Traditional foods such as soaked/sprouted grains and sourdough breads are healthier than modern breads, but Dr. O’Bryan points out that there are no studies proving that a gluten sensitive person can eat those safely. The grains he identifies as toxic: wheat, Einkorn wheat, rye, and barley. If you only have time to listen to one interview today, listen to this one!

“There are over 300 different conditions that have been identified as potentially being caused by gluten sensitivity.” — Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Don’t forget that the entire Natural Cures Movement online summit can be purchased HERE.

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