The Autoimmune Summit review: Day 4

Dr. Aristo Vojdani The Autoimmune SummitDr. Aristo Vojdani spoke in great detail about three environmental triggers for autoimmune conditions: toxic chemical, diet, and infections. His research focuses on predictive antibodies and the development of numerous antibody assays.

Being able to identify specific antibodies and stop the progression of a disease before any symptoms have developed is remarkable and can be life-changing.

While definitely technical at times, Dr. Vojdani gave many practical examples of specific steps we can take to reduce the toxic burden on our immune system.

His best advice? “Education, Education, Education.”

Deanna Minich The Autoimmune SummitDeanna Minich explained that phytonutrients are essential for cellular communication in our bodies. She also provided several very easy-to-remember illustrations of how we can increase the phytonutrient content of our meals.

Deanna highlighted several phytonutrients and how we can use color to find their source in our foods. It was interesting to hear her explain that the beta-carotene in carrots isn’t available unless it is cooked or dehydrated.

Dr. Alejandro Junger The Autoimmune SummitDr. Alejandro Junger’s area of expertise is cleansing and detoxing. While most of us readily acknowledge that we are exposed to chemical toxins regularly, Dr. Junger explained that there are many sources of toxins in addition to toxic man-made chemicals.

“There are also toxic influences that play a role in the body’s functioning that we may not even think of as toxic. For example, toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, toxic relationships, toxic situations, …”

Antony Haynes The Autoimmune SummitAntony Haynes talked about using herbs and botanicals to treat chronic infections. The volume of this recording was a bit low so it was hard to hear Antony’s side of the conversation. I relied on my transcripts exclusively for this interview.

Antony gave several specific steps we can use to conquer chronic infections. Since many of the infections he mentioned are very difficult to diagnose, this information is invaluable.  He shares vital details that everyone should know about.

Katie Hendricks The Autoimmune SummitKatie Hendricks addressed the mind-body component of the autoimmune system. Anyone can apply the techniques discussed in this interview.

As many experts have mentioned, stress is a significant factor in autoimmunity. Katie presents several stress-reduction techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere.

She states, “Each of us has the authority, has the possibility, and has the responsibility to expand our physiology, to expand our ability to enjoy, and we can do that every day in small ways that make a big difference.”

Today’s sessions provided a few surprises for me. The good kind of surprises. I’m sure there will be more in future sessions.

If you haven’t registered for the free summit yet, you can do so HERE.

If you prefer to purchase it and gain access to the transcripts, you can purchase it HERE and gain immediate access to all of the speakers.

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