The Digestion Sessions: Day 3


I am very impressed with the quality of the presentations in The Second Opinion Series, Vol Two: The Digestion Sessions.

Kudos to Saun Croxton for presenting this cutting edge information in such a beautiful format!

If you are starting to be overwhelmed with the flood of information coming from these health summits, I can totally relate. But I would be remiss if I did not mention what is available now at The Second Opinion Series, Vol Two: The Digestion Sessions.

For this week only, the Digestion Sessions are available to watch for free. Each session can be watched over a 48-hour period. If you haven’t registered yet, you can register HERE.

The following interviews may be viewed online for free November 13 – 14, 2014.

NowPlaying_Smith_AffiliateIn today’s session with Jeffrey Smith, you will discover:
An insecticidal corn that pokes holes in the guts of insects … and yours too!

The FDA “lie” putting your digestive system in peril.

The weed killing ingredient linked to bacterial overgrowth, depression, and leaky gut.
Why mandatory GMO labeling is NOT the only answer to eliminating them from the food supply.

Now Playing Christa Orecchio Digestion SessionsChrista Orecchio, Founder of The Whole Journey tells us how to Kick Candida For Good.

What an out-of-control candida overgrowth has in common with nail polish remover.
Why intense sugar cravings (especially at night) are a telltale sign of candida.
Easy, free DIY tests for candida, pH, and thyroid function.
A “sneaky” diet and supplement protocol to makes sure it never comes back.


Paul Chek Digestion SessionsPaul Chek explains in great detail how to Heal Parasite Infections. He gets a bit graphic, so you may be shocked at what may be dwelling in your body.


The #1 reason why parasite protocols fail over and over again.

The problems with using stool testing for parasite detection.

4 HOT foods and herbs that draw out parasites and kill them on contact.

How to listen to your body’s feedback and learn from “the pain teacher”.

Digestion Sessions CookingClass BobMontgomeryI plan to watch this one later today:

COOKING CLASS: North Korean Kimchi with Lemongrass
Prepared by Bob Montgomery, Owner and Head Chef at The Not So Fast Food Truck

If you want to gain immediate access to all 25 digestion sessions, you can do so HERE.

Remember: education, education, education!

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