8 Top Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

top 7 benefits of lavender essential oil


Lavender essential oil is used in many DIY bath and body products. And not just because lavender has such a lovely fragrance.

Many clinical studies show why lavender is a smart choice for use in body care products and for aromatherapy.

Here are the top 14 8 clinically proven benefits of lavender essential oil:

  1. Decreases cortisol level [1,4,7,13]
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  3. Promotes deep sleep [3,7, 20]
  4. Enhances relaxation [4,5,7]
  5. Improves mood [5, 10, 11, 16, 20]
  6. Boosts brain power [5, 10]
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  10. Reduces anxiety [11, 13]
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  13. Pain relief [16, 17, 19]
  14. Stress relief [17, 18]

I love using lavender essential oil by itself and in my own DIY bath and body care products (recipes coming soon).

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[Edit: Even though my article made no disease claims, the essential oil company I represent has told us not to even link to research studies that have a disease name in the title. My article edits reflect the policy change. I apologize for this inconvenience.]



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  2. removed
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  6. deleted
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  8. deleted
  9. deleted
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  12. deleted
  13. deleted
  14. deleted
  15. deleted
  16. deleted
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  20. deleted

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