Autoimmune Summit review: Day 1

Amy Myers, MD Autoimmune summit day 1My favorite speaker for Day One of the Autoimmune Summit is Dr. Amy Myers.

Amy is the host of this free online event and she provides an excellent introduction for someone new to the topic of autoimmune disease.

The five factors that influence autoimmunity are diet, leaky gut, toxins, infections, and stress.

Amy has carefully designed the summit so that each day different factors are discussed by various experts.

I love Amy’s solution-oriented attitude. She mentioned that studies now show that environment plays a much larger role in autoimmune disease than genetics. Throughout the summit, Amy will be asking the experts to provide specific tips of things that we can do to control our own environment.

Amy’s mission is “to teach and empower people” and this summit is an excellent resource for everyone wanting to understand more about autoimmune diseases. If you haven’t registered for the event, you can do so HERE.amy myers quote my mission

Individual2-HymanDr. Mark Hyman discusses a Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmunity. He has written 10 bestselling books and is probably a familiar name to most readers. Specifically, he talked about the importance of finding the cause of an autoimmune illness, not just treating the symptoms.

Dr Hyman’s discussion of glutathione piqued my interest and it’s now on my never-ending list of things I want to research more thoroughly.

The bulk of Mark’s interview was easy to understand and not too technical.

Individual5-RountreeDr. Bob Rountree’s interview is titled: The Immune System 101, however the discussion at the beginning is very technical. The content in the first third of this interview is not something easily understood by someone outside the medical field.

There is much valuable information here, so please don’t dismiss this one. As the interview progresses, the terms used are much more familiar and well worth the time to listen to it.

Dr. Rountree concludes the session with easy-to-understand tips, but if you don’t like technical presentations, you might want to save this one for last.

Individual4-BlandDr. Jeffrey Bland is considered the father of Functional Medicine and has profoundly influenced the training of other experts in this field. While providing thorough explanations of the mechanics of autoimmune diseases, Dr. Bland was able discuss the topic in a very straightforward manner.

He explained in great detail the reasons why treating the symptoms of an autoimmune disease are not sufficient. It is crucial to treat the cause of the disease.

Dr. Bland emphasized that “the more we learn, the more we recognize that it is diet, lifestyle, and environment that are the wildcards that ultimately trigger … illness.”

Nora GedgaudasNora Gedgaudas presents a Patient-Centered Approach to Autoimmunity. It was fascinating to hear her story of living near the North Pole and how it impacted her understanding of the role of fat in our diet. Nora provides a very thorough, yet comprehensible, approach to dealing with autoimmune diseases.

Nora stated that “glutathione is the body’s most important anitoxidant enzyme.” Not only did she identify two very common things that deplete glutathione in our bodies (acetaminophen and alcohol use), but she provided a list of readily-available sulphur-based foods that enhance glutathione, such as cruciferous vegetables, onions, and garlic.

If you haven’t registered for the free summit yet, you can do so HERE.

If you prefer to purchase it – to more easily absorb this critical information at your leisure – you can purchase it HERE and gain immediate access to all of the speakers.

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