Highlights from Day 4 of the Natural Cures Movement

Day 4 BannerThe experts interviewed on Day 4 of the Natural Cures Movement are Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Steven Masley, George Bryant and Dr. Josh Axe.

The main topic for Dr. Josh Axe’s interview was leaky gut: what is it, what causes it, what are the symptoms, what to do to help the body heal. Dr Axe is passionate about teaching people how to heal their body naturally. As he was starting his career, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Axe shared the natural protocols used for his mother’s cancer over ten years ago. She is now 61, very active, and cancer-free. Dr. Axe uses a four-fold approach for healing the gut: remove the damaging foods and stressors, replace with healing foods, repair using specific supplements and re-balance with probiotics.


“There is not a food that actually heals your body or detoxes your body. Your body heals and detoxes itself. And it will use specific nutrients in foods and herbs to actually heal.” — Dr. Axe

Dr Steven Masley quoteDr. Steven Masley has a refreshing approach to heart health. As a functional medicine practitioner, he looks at the whole picture not just lab numbers. His list of best predictors for heart disease: dietary fiber, fitness, food nutrients, body fat, and sugar/starchy carb intake. Top foods for healing the heart: fiber from vegetables, beans and nuts; healthy fats; clean protein; healthy beverages: 1 – 3 cups of coffee; tea; a glass of red wine with dinner; a cup of cocoa daily; reverse osmosis water; and flavorful spices and herbs.
Dr. Masley highlighted the fact that he uses caution with patients who have already been diagnosed with heart disease and are taking cholesterol meds. In particular, these patients need supervision to evaluate their initial fitness levels and may need to avoid coconut oil products even though he highly recommends the coconut oil for most people. Listen to this interview if you want more specifics about heart health.

George Bryant talked about the importance of mindset and the power of our words. During this interview, Dr. Axe and George both shared how maintaining the attitude of gratitude has had a positive affect on their lives. George’s approach to eating a Paleo diet and learning to cook will inspire anyone trying to figure out where to start. Bacon. Chocolate. Sounds delicious. I have been following George’s Civilized Caveman Cooking Pinterest boards for several months, so I was delighted to hear this interview. This is my favorite interview so far!
Erin Elizabeth spoke about her personal experience with Lyme disease. Many people think that tick bites are the only way to get Lyme, but there are now different theories about how Lyme is transmitted including mosquitoes, spiders, fleas and mites. Lyme disease can affect every system in the body including the heart, lungs and brain. Unfortunately, many Lyme patients are misdiagnosed. Currently, the most accurate test for Lyme is the Western blot test. The healing protocol that worked for Erin started with healing her gut. (Dr. Axe’s interview today explains how to do that in great detail.) Erin also used natural herbs to support her thyroid, adrenals, gut such as a banderol-samento combination. To allow adrenals to heal, she found that it was necessary to change her exercise routine from high intensity to yoga or Pilates.

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