A letter to a mom whose child has mental health challenges

I will be a little late posting my reviews from Day 3 of the Autoimmune Summit. I needed to write something else first.

A few days ago, someone I love dearly sent me an email saying that her teenage son had just been admitted to the hospital for psychiatric help. Another one of her children experienced mental health issues at the same age.

I will call this someone Rachel because I don’t know anyone by that name.

Rachel and I approach life differently. While she usually chose mainstream options for raising her children, I have always chosen to think outside the box.

Some of my non-mainstream choices: Homeschooling. Home births. Organic foods. Country living. Raising our own food. Natural solutions to health challenges. No vaccines for my younger children. (I didn’t know better for my older ones.)

I don’t know if Rachel will be receptive to anything that I could say to her. But I have to try.

This is the letter I wrote to her. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I will call her son Sam and her husband Mark.


You and Sam have been in my thoughts and prayers. I pray peace for you and Mark, healing for Sam, and wisdom for Sam’s doctors.

I’m not sure if you know that I recently launched a wellness blog. KristineHall.com I don’t have very much content up yet.

I recently wrote a book review on the book, Wheat Belly Total Health. Please read it.

Gluten Free. Grain Free. Just Fads?

In the last year, I have read a huge amount of research confirming the link between food and mental illness.

I’m sure that you are a bit overwhelmed right now and I don’t want to cause more stress.

But when you are ready,

if you want to look at what options are available,

please learn about how food intolerances may be a factor for your children.

The best resource if you have hours of time to learn from multiple experts is The Gluten Summit. It was recorded last year and is available to purchase.

2nd best resource to learn from multiple experts is The Second Opinion Series: the Digestion Sessions. This is a current summit that is free to watch online this week.

The best place for lots of free articles and a free database of clinical studies is Green Med info. Here are a few articles to start with:

Two Foods that may Sabotage Your Brain

Is Eating Wheat the Root of Your Depression?

Dr. Tom O’Bryan does a fantastic job explaining complex information in an understandable way. At his website, TheDr.com , he talks about specific tests that can be done to find out if food intolerances are a factor.

Love, Kristine

I am sharing this letter on my blog to encourage others out there to reach out to those we love and share vital information with them that may change their lives.

Honestly, I have an engineer’s brain.

I was not born with the gift of tact.

I am usually too blunt. I often offend without meaning to.

I will spend the rest of my life learning to communicate better.

For now, I’ll take advice from John Wayne.

“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”
–John Wayne

Instead of letting my fear of rejection get in the way, I choose to share the truth and pray that it can make a difference.

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